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Thank you so much for this. Your tender heart towards mothers of babes in heaven is so beautiful,  and while I know there is nothing tangible I can do, I also know I can send her love with one of your pins.


I have been keeping your card next to my bedside for when I'm very sad. It gives a little lift to my heart each time I see it.


This pin gave me the words to talk to my son about the death of his father. It opened a conversation that was very hard, and I am so grateful.


The New Addition

Inspired from Loss / Created with Love

Knowing what to do when a loved one goes through heart break can be difficult, and knowing what to say is even harder.

I spent many years after my son passed away deep in grief, and while I now have many more happy days than sad, one thing will always ring true - I wish for people to see my broken heart, and love it just the same.

I created these grieving gifts as a way to bridge the terrible gap that comes with great loss, the gap of awkwardness and of unknowing how to help.

These gifts are meant to help nurture a broken heart, and give loved ones the first step in saying something besides, I'm sorry.

Words of Support

If you are looking for a place of refuge in your grief, or a place to find words of support for someone you love - visit my website. I have dedicated myself to providing perspective to Grieving Hearts, by sharing my life of Love + Loss.

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